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Total Medals Earned: 249 (From 68 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 3,825 Points

Alice is Dead - Ep 2

Happy Hatter Unlocked 1/15/10
25 Points
You must have left a positive impression on the hatter.
Something Fishy Unlocked 1/15/10
100 Points
Escape Jail and Trigger the Strange Device.
Hatter, Mad 25 Points The Hatter seems Madder.
Clam Sham Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/4 (125/200 points)

Arkandian Crusade

Dungeon Delver Unlocked 1/4/11
5 Points
Fully clear a dungeon.
Arkandian Celebrity 5 Points Reach a total fame of over 1000
Suit Up! 5 Points Have over 50 Protection
Ascended Being 10 Points Complete the Ascended campaign
Richie Rich 10 Points Have over 10,000gp at one time.
It's no Mystery 50 Points Reach the bottom of the mystery dungeon

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/85 points)

Armor Mayhem

First Blood Unlocked 1/20/11
5 Points
Kill 1 Soldier
Kaboom Unlocked 1/20/11
5 Points
Unlock the Rocket Launcher
Once upon a time Unlocked 1/20/11
5 Points
Complete the first mission
Ouch Unlocked 1/20/11
5 Points
Get killed by the map
Piggy Bank Unlocked 1/20/11
5 Points
Earn 100$
Third time is the best Unlocked 1/20/11
5 Points
Score a Triple Kill
Acupuncture 5 Points Unlock the Dart Gun
Amateur killer 5 Points Kill 100 Soldiers
Apprentice Killer 5 Points Kill 30 Soldiers
Death from the sky 5 Points Score a double kill with the Ion Cannon equipped
Delivery 5 Points Capture 15 flags
Give it back 5 Points Kill 5 soldiers holding a flag
Gold Digger 5 Points Earn 1000$
Master Blaster 5 Points Unlock the Plasma Gun
Ninja 5 Points Catch a flag in the air
Rocket Rain 5 Points Unlock the Automatic Rocket Launcher
Seek and Destroy 5 Points Score a double kill with the Auto. Rocket Launcher equipped
Super Virus 5 Points Win a mission in Overdrive mode
What time is it? 5 Points Unlock the Slow Bubble Gun
Will you ever learn? 5 Points Get killed by the map 10 times
All your base are belong to us 10 Points Control all the control points in a mission at once
Expert killer 10 Points Kill 200 Soldiers
Ion Blaster 10 Points Unlock the Ion Cannon
Keep going 10 Points Complete 50% of the missions
Mad Dough 10 Points Earn 3000$
Suit up! 10 Points Unlock all the armor styles
Weapon Master 10 Points Unlock all the weapons
Complete 25 Points Complete all the missions
Master killer 25 Points Kill 500 Soldiers
Godly killer 50 Points Kill 1000 Soldiers

Medals Earned: 6/30 (30/270 points)

Back to the Cubeture 1

Ultimate Bully Unlocked 9/30/09
25 Points
Bully the weak.
Ultimate Spitter Unlocked 9/30/09
25 Points
Real cowboys spit a lot.
Playboy Unlocked 9/30/09
50 Points
Find the adult pleasure.
Ultimate Pest 25 Points Bully your own boss.
Ultimate Savior 25 Points Defend the weak.
Nature Boy 50 Points Become one with the desert
Do Lose Your Head 100 Points Sometimes it's ok to lose your head over something.
Nude Boy 100 Points Walk around (almost) naked.
Ultimate Winner 100 Points Complete the Game.

Medals Earned: 3/9 (100/500 points)

Barbarian Bob [Remake]

Rags to Riches Unlocked 4/29/09
50 Points
Collect over $20000 in loot.
Barbaric 25 Points Kill 50 Enemies.
Savage Speed 25 Points Finish the game in 10 minutes.
Carbon Copy 50 Points Parry an enemy 5 times in a row.
Warlock Holmes 50 Points Find all secret items.
Barbarian King 100 Points Complete every achievement.
InvinciBob 100 Points Finish the game without dying.
Shieldless Wonder 100 Points Finish the game without using your shield.

Medals Earned: 1/8 (50/500 points)

Bio Assault

Officer Cadet Unlocked 3/28/11
5 Points
Reaching area 1
Pilot Officer Unlocked 3/28/11
5 Points
Reaching area 2
Lieutenant Unlocked 3/28/11
10 Points
Reaching area 4
System Officer Unlocked 3/28/11
10 Points
Reaching area 3
Squadron Leader Unlocked 3/28/11
25 Points
Reaching area 5
Captain 25 Points Reaching area 7
Commodore 25 Points Reaching area 8
System Commander 25 Points Reaching area 6
Marshal 50 Points Reaching area 10
Vice-Marshal 50 Points Reaching area 9
Chief Marshal 100 Points Reaching area 11
Marshal of the System 100 Points Reaching area 12

Medals Earned: 5/12 (55/430 points)

BlastOff Bunnies

Kiss from the moon Unlocked 12/29/10
5 Points
Reach the moon!
Marsbunny Unlocked 12/29/10
5 Points
Fly past mars!
Exploration saturn Unlocked 12/29/10
10 Points
Explore saturns rings!
Jupiter explorer Unlocked 12/29/10
10 Points
Take a close look at jupiter!
Deep space bunny Unlocked 12/29/10
25 Points
Get at least one bunny into deep space!
Flight for money 25 Points Collect at least $2250 in one single flight!
Deep space family 50 Points Get at least 5 bunnies into deep space!
Money collector 50 Points Collect a grand total of at least $32500 in one complete game!
King of the bunnies 100 Points Get a grand score of at least 675.000 !

Medals Earned: 5/9 (55/280 points)

Bobby's adventure

I'll just have one Unlocked 1/7/11
5 Points
Eat your first cookie
Killing spree Unlocked 1/7/11
5 Points
Kill 10 enemies
Stockpile Unlocked 1/7/11
5 Points
Have over 50 lives
Super killing spree Unlocked 1/7/11
5 Points
Kill 25 enemies
The bigger they are Unlocked 1/7/11
5 Points
Defeat the boss
OM NOM NOM Unlocked 1/7/11
10 Points
Eat all the food in the game
What a day Unlocked 1/7/11
25 Points
Complete the game
I hate spikes 10 Points No deaths from spikes
MY BOMB!!! 10 Points Dont drop the bomb
Speed run 10 Points Complete game under 5 min
Thats a lot of bodies 10 Points Kill all of the enemies
Unnecessary calories 10 Points Keep your lives under 15

Medals Earned: 7/12 (60/110 points)

Burrito Bison

BREAK JAWBREAKER'S JAW! Unlocked 9/27/11
25 Points
Get a perfect launch 10 times.
50 Points
Go through the arena without touching the ground.
OUTLAW! 25 Points Squash 100 police officers.
CANDYLAND BREAKTHROUGH! 50 Points Escape Candy Land and return to the Supermarket.
SWEET IMPACT! 50 Points Reach past the sky's limit!
BUFFED OUT! 100 Points Upgrade everything to the max!
MIX THE FLAVOURS! 100 Points Get at least 1 of each special gummy in a single run.
PANTS ON FIRE! 100 Points Attain a very high speed.

Medals Earned: 2/8 (75/500 points)

Bzoonk - The Pub Crawl

Abstainer Wannabe Unlocked 9/8/11
5 Points
Run through one pub without picking up a single beer.
Careful! Unlocked 9/8/11
5 Points
Your first ever waiter down!
Complete Clean Out Unlocked 9/8/11
5 Points
Grab all beer bottles in a single pub.
Fire Starter Unlocked 9/8/11
5 Points
Bring down 5 waiters in one run.
Brawler Unlocked 9/8/11
10 Points
Bring down 10 waiters in one run.
Chillin' Unlocked 9/8/11
10 Points
Run through 3 pubs in a row without hitting a single waiter.
Getting The Hang Of It Unlocked 9/8/11
10 Points
Slide over 40 meters in total.
No Waiter Left Standing Unlocked 9/8/11
10 Points
Put down all waiters in a single pub.
The Beer Collector Unlocked 9/8/11
10 Points
Grab 30 beer bottles in one run.
War On Beer Unlocked 9/8/11
10 Points
Pick up all beer bottles in three pubs in a row.
Fast And Furious Unlocked 9/8/11
25 Points
Slide over 120 meters in total.
Keeping It Tight Unlocked 9/8/11
25 Points
Make a single slide over 25 meters.
Table Cleaner Unlocked 9/8/11
25 Points
Slide over 80 meters in total.
Mahatma Gandhi Unlocked 9/8/11
50 Points
Stumble through 10 pubs in a row without hitting a single waiter.
Peace Walker Unlocked 9/8/11
50 Points
Get through 5 pubs in a row without hitting a single waiter.
Fast Asleep 5 Points Doze off in the first pub.
Heavy Hitter 10 Points Bring down 20 waiters in one run.
One Nighter 10 Points Fall asleep before the end of the first night.
The Abstainer 10 Points Get through 3 pubs in a row without picking up a single beer.
Rookie 25 Points Get through at least five pubs without falling asleep.
The Prohibitionist 50 Points Run through 5 pubs in a row without picking up a single beer.
Veteran 100 Points Keep running for seven nights.

Medals Earned: 15/22 (255/465 points)